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Dziwne,na prawde dziwne.....

UFO Mysterious stone symbol in NTT

A resident Kupang NTT, Willi Soeharly have some pictures that are considered UFO artifacts. Stones that he had the photo from the late CA Castillo, a geology researcher Hispanics residing in Kupang who died in 1994.

Stone was discovered late. Castillo when doing research on the Mount of Satan, Oesu'u - Kupang. In a place like the cave he saw a pile of rocks that looks odd, and apparently never tried cleaved rock hard.

The shape of the mysterious stone like two pieces of stone bound and contained images of stars, the sun, and the look is pointing upwards.Also there are images of arrows pointing at a single star.

According to Willy who is now a field investigation team coordinator BETA-UFO Kupang and surrounding areas, the rock contains a magnet and is thought to contain radioactive elements. Referring to one of the e-mail addressed to the community Willy observer UFO Indonesia (BETA-UFO) said that the deceased died Castillo elderly and sick.

The stone was found in Bukit Nitnai (now: Devil Hills - Red) in 1992 and first found signs of their former fire with three black dots form a triangle, one point to another is between 3-4 meters which he said was a UFO landing.

The site has been reviewed but due to erosion, the three black dots as told by the late Castillo is not found anymore. And only acquire the land burned, but have become stone.

According to local residents, in the 80's until the 90's seen a lot of bright lights with a length of approximately 1 meter hanging in the trees around the hill Nitnai now renamed the Mount of Satan. Though the area there is no electricity, so people think evil and then called Bukit Satan.

Location coordinates are -10.153375 S, 123.800158333 E

After the death of Castillo stone is still there and kept in the family home. When Willy was about to take a photo that rock, was reminded by the wife of the late. Castillo to be careful not to get his camera broken, because the previous one had ever tried to take a photo of the mysterious stone but instead his camera was damaged. But Willy finally managed to take a photo with a camera phone that rocks the Nokia N73.

By late. Castillo, local residents often saw mysterious objects like neon lights descend on the Mount of Satan. Added also by him, Satan Bukit contain much uranium. Willy had asked the Department of Mines that Satan is a hill containing uranium but still fairly young.

Willy also informed in 1993 never happened appearance of UFO in Housing Oebobo, Kupang. Apparently it was common and was witnessed by local residents, but after 1993 a strange phenomenon never appeared again.

Later in the Ngilmina, located on the border between Kupang and Timor Tengah Selatan Kabuapten circa 1983 had a case of exposed sand miners (highlighted) by a mysterious light. Told that time there were 3 people who want to mine the sand of a sudden one of them is highlighted by light. After that the person is afraid if you want to turn electronic items.

Stone size was quite small, about the size of two fists, stones currently kept by the late children. Castillo named Alfred.

Interestingly, during the mysterious stone Castillo was in the house, ever seen a UFO that looks like a plate with a diameter of about 5-7 meters, and there are blue lights underneath.

Then the object was flying low to the high altitude equal power pole, then swinging back and forth like a wobble. Then suddenly it immediately shot at high speed without the noise and lost vision. 


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