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"Booms & Shakes" Media reports are geological! New Madrid diagonal pull uptick proven! Cover up exposed! USGS owned!

Alright so I've been documenting all these "Booms" that have been increasing and reported by the media lately:

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The ridiculous "official causes" were just getting out of hand and I decided to do my own work to see what's really going on.

Most of the recent increasing "Booms and shakes" have occurred in Eastern USA so that's where I focused on.

Turns out all the Booms are in fact geological and it's clear there's a connection to the New Madrid. This video:

For one small example here are two maps:
First is recent locations of "Booms" reported by the Media around the New Madrid leading up to the St. Lawrence Seaway.
Second is earthquake activity locations (2.0+) during the past week occurring around the same region.
Locations are pinned, two straight lines are drawn for visual reference.

Here are links to sources on the maps specifically:

Guthrie, Oklahoma: 
[link to
Evensville, Indiana:
[link to
[link to
Trumbull County, Ohio: [link to
Jamestown, New York [link to

Spencer, Oklahoma: [link to
Marion, Illinois [link to
Hawkesbury, Canada [link to

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