sobota, 2 lutego 2013

Jeden z aspektów Boga.Warto zobaczyć w tym linku.

Skala Wszechświata
W linku niesamowita animacja....

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  1. Scale of the Universe 3 Part 1

    autor: ricemilkpop3 mies. temu 1457 wyświetleń
    This is a long size comparison. Enjoy!
  2. The Scale of The Universe Part 1 of 4

    autor: B3astmodee2 lata temu 4907 wyświetleń
    It's really amazing how big the Universe is when you think about it. This video gives you an idea of how small we really are ...
  3. The Scale of the Universe 2

    autor: carykh1 rok temu 146849 wyświetleń
    Interactive: First version: Music (Frozen Star) is by Kevin ...
    • HD
  4. The Scale of the Universe 3000 Pt 1

    autor: SuperUniverseBoy1 rok temu 15675 wyświetleń
    This is my (Christopher's) first scale on his own YouTube account. I choose "my fatherland" by Smetna for the background music ...
    • HD
  5. mag and the scale of the universe part 1

    autor: maggintons8 mies. temu 94 wyświetlenia
    I now know more about scale than i ever did here is the game...well it aint exactly a game... did you know

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